Sunday, March 28, 2010

Procrastination Is Making Me Wait.... duh duh dumb

Sort of like that old song. I can't remember the name but it was 60s or 70s. I can hear the melody in my head. It's keeping me waiting... ah ah oh something something something. Yeah, music and I aren't the best of friends. I love to listen but was born with a broken sense of rhythm or whatever you call it. My family and friends always say that I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Oh Yeah!

Anyway, I've been avoiding the basket full of bill copies, income statements, deductions, etc. for the .... taxes... Yeah! Yuck, it's that time again and I've been putting it off. Hoping my husband would suddenly learn TurboTax and say 'Honey, let me do it this year!" Yeah, that's NEVER going to happen. He says he's so bad with money that he won't even use an ATM. Just hands me any checks to deposit. I pay the bills, earn the paycheck etc. He gets Social Security disability finally after having a wait and a law firm and a judge... it's a long story. So he's a semi-retired journalist that can write well and cook well. Tool using that's a NO, Lawn work that's a NO, Financial stuff that's a NO, but he is a very good cook AND folds the laundry, keeps the cat & dog from killing each other and writes columns (for free) for the Dallas Morning News and anyone else that will publish his rather left of center, humourous, chatty columns. He's a GREAT writer and editor.

He knows trivia about sports, music, movies and other stuff that no one should know all there is to know about it. All the names of the high school sports teams in Texas. Not kidding... really. We drive through community XYZ and he says, oh, they are the Fighting Farmers of XYZ High School. It's quite amusing at times and annoying at others. I won't even try to guess the name of a singer or band when hearing a tune anymore because he always knows the answer. Always! And watching old movies is annoying because he says you know who that is.... and he/she was in x, y and z movies or on TV in what series? It's extremely annoying, really!

Oh, well time to sign off here, off Facebook and Farmville (my addiction of the last year) and buckle down to sort out a bushel basket of papers. Organization is not one of my strong suits... I used to be organized until I found out it's easier to do it in one fell swoop before tax time or a couple of times per year. That's it for my financial paper work and bill copies. Just semi-annually at most. No wonder I've got credit card debt, I can't find the checkbook either... Just kidding. No the credit card debt is another long story... for later.

This is your intrepid tax preparer, blogger, SAP configurator, Toastmaster, former Girl Scout, Ford owner, dog herder, human owned by a cat and hopeful eventual rose grower signing off after procrastinating my way through this blog posting.