Monday, November 1, 2010

The 2010 World Series

I don't often get excited about baseball. It's something that I do with my husband because he loves baseball. HE LOVES BASEBALL. All caps is the correct way to say it. BUT I'm excited about the Texas Rangers competing for the World Championship of baseball in the World Series. He thinks it's funny that I'm interested in watching on TV, all of a sudden. It matters to me if "we" win. Usually I don't care. I care if I go to see a game in person, either Professional, AAA, AA or A baseball. I love A and AA for how much fun the games are and all the extra activities they have. Going to a Rangers game isn't that much fun because the stadium is HUGE and the seats are uncomfortable and you have to walk a long distance and my husband has trouble walking very far... so we probably won't make it to a baseball game there again. Frisco Roughriders is more approachable with shorted distances to walk. Maybe next season... 'til then I'm a Rangers fan. -x-