Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dog Days of August

My dog is very old.... very very old. Yesterday we took him to the vet. I was afraid that he would have to be put down as he was only walking on 3 legs. Dr. Mulkey of Spring Creek Animal Clinic came to our rescue. Our usual vet, Dr. Alan Ward, is out of town for the holiday weekend... and can you believe it, there isn't an on-call system for vets. We had a late 5:30 appointment with him. He reminded me of James Herriot. Very old fashioned and serious. He examined Blarney and said he has a torn ACL. Like a sports star. My dog is a sports star. ??? Anyway, we have some super duper pain meds and he's walking like a champ again. Until we can go and see Dr. Ward next week at the Plano Animal Clinic. Dr. Ward is my hero keeping Blarney alive long past his prime. Vets, the unsung heroes of our lives!

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