Monday, August 31, 2009

A Really Rambling Story Tonight

Tonight, I'm unable to sleep. I took 3 risperdal and that hasn't helped. My doctor said to take 2 in the morning and two at night but last night 3 helped me to sleep. Not happening tonight.

I'm listening to my iPod nano. Something that I always find soothing when I'm experiencing a manic episode. My music collection includes Sky Prayer by Alice Gomez. It's native american flute music and more. Very moving and soothing. She went to high school with me at Edison HS in San Antonio.

Alice is an amazing talented woman. I knew her back in the high school days. We were classmates in Mr. Jordan's 10th grade English class. It takes me back to think of Alice. She was a drummer and precussionist back then. Played in the marching band and stage band. And she was great! Her father had organized the Gomez family into a band also. All were gifted musicians.

Alice is now Dr. Gomez at San Antonio College as an assistant professor. I hope to go and see her live when I next visit San Antonio to see my new niece Victoria Lynn.

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