Thursday, October 30, 2008

Painting the Country Purple

A blogger friend of mine (only via email) calls herself the Homesick Texan. She writes a food blog but her current blog hopes for HOPE. She made it out of hoe cakes. A bit loony but it's a gentle political blog sort of, hoping for our future. That whoever is elected will stop being partisan and step up and be the President of the United States of America. Not just the President of the Democrats or the President of the Republicans. I want a MODERATE as President, whether he be Obama or McCain. I think the answer is Obama, but I have listened to both sides before making up my mind intelligently about who reflects my hopes and dreams for America AND who shares my values. That includes respecting the right of women to control their reproductive lives... birth control and having a choice! Since anti-choice is a big plank of the Republican manifesto aka platform, I can't vote for any Republicans. It would be against my conscience.

However, I would vote for painting the country purple! I'm in the minority here in Texas. It's no fun being a Democrat in Collin County Texas... only Republicans run for office, so I never get to select them as I don't vote in their primary. ;-) I think all local/county/school board/judge offices should be REALLY non-partisan, not just lip service to being sort of non-partisan. That's the state of Texas politics in my neck of the woods (prairie).

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ML said...

Amen to that and wow! Yes We Did!!