Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet Memories

Thanks to a gift from my Aunt Alice, I had some sweet memories come back to me today. Last weekend we went to her house for an extended family gathering. She gave me a pint of pear preserves. I opened them today and memories came back to me. My mother was famous for her annual pear preserves. My father would spread cloths on the ground, then get a ladder and go up and shake our two pear trees. The harvest would be turned into many quart jars of pear preserves. I never learned to can preserves at all. It's something that my mother and grandmother did with food. I was too young to help other than peeling the pears. The gift from my Aunt brought back tender sweet memories of my mother to me. Thanks Aunt Alice!
P.S. The preserves were excellent on sourdough bread toast!

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