Friday, November 7, 2008


I realize I have not yet blogged with glee about the election results. Here it is: GLEE, RELIEF, PRAYERS have been Answered, relief, gladness, happy, joy, joy, disbelief. Yes, the first emotion I had was disbelief that it actually happened. I woke up on Wednesday morning and had to turn on the morning shows. I had to see if it was all a dream, or if Barack Obama was really the President-elect. It's TRUE! So I guess I can now settle in to belief and acceptance.
I know there will be tough times ahead for him and his administration. We're in very tough times in this country and around the world. And people like me, Obama supporters, have HIGH HOPES for him. We hope for an Obamatopia, but realistically I know that's just a fantasy. But let me hold onto my dreams for a few days!

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