Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are You My Mother?

Do you remember that beginning readers book? I loved it as a child.

A little bird hatches without it's mother nearby. He wonders off looking for his mother. I think I have a little bird of my own. His name is Seamus Shortcake Bloom. He's a big puppy who lost his mother and think's I'm now it. He follows me everywhere even to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure he's bonded to me and me alone. Chuck calls him and he looks at him like F U, I'm with the dame.

My poor poor cat. She's beside herself. First I bring a medium sized DOG home. Then he tries to catch her and eat her (or at least taste her). Then I lock her out of the bedroom, so that I can keep the dog and cat separated at night. She gets the rest of the house and he gets me & the bedroom. She's been unhappy for a week.

I'm not sure how to get them to kiss and makeup. Can the cat and dog ever be friends? Will the dog always follow me around like I'm his mom? How old is he? He's a rescue dog, the vet thinks he could be 1 year old, so his "birthday" will be his adoption day 3/8. We'll celebrate with some soft dog food next year. Hopefully the cat will be at least in detente with him by then. I miss having a bundle of purr on my shoulder. I guess I should have consulted Chuck and BG before getting the dog, but a cute dog named Goat was too much to pass up. A very stupid name on an adorable mutt with a terrier face and dalmation body.

I've got to read the book I bought about Dalmations. I'm a terrier person, so it's a new type of doggie for me. In the mean time, ARE YOU MY MOTHER? continues...

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