Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays

This week has been one flood of a week. Wet and cold, immediately following the best weather possible for the North Texas Irish Festival. It's difficult to imagine a bigger change in the weather from Fri/Sat/Sun to this week starting on Tuesday. The RAIN has come down by the bucket full. The backyard is a marsh zone. Good thing the lawn people came to cut it on Monday before the monsoon season began. However, we're still in a drought, as we're behind on annual rainfall for the last couple of years. Don't ask me though, we don't have sprinklers and our grass manages to live through it. We're frugal that way.

Friday was a good day today. My 3rd day at my new job. Following two long days of concentration during orientation. Today was a breeze. Meeting people, meeting more people, finding my way around the building between red, green and blue zone elevators. I am still a bit confused on how to get around, but it's getting better all the time. The Dr. Pepper machine and snack machine are on the 3rd floor. My department is on the 4th floor. Our offices are on the 5th floor near the blue elevators. I exit the building on sub-level 2 near the green elevators into the parking garage through a tunnel then another big parking garage and down a sidewalk to a tunnel to the train station! It's cryptic, but I have it down now. And today I learned how to get to the green elevator from the blue elevator on sub-level 2 (L2). BOY! That was interesting... one more parking garage to navigate.

The dog and cat have not made peace yet. I hope it will come eventually! More later. CIAO!

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