Sunday, February 22, 2009

Contemplating Employment

I have a JOB OFFER! I picked up the letter on Friday. I have to have my FINGERPRINTS taken by the Dallas police... a new experience for me (unlike my sister). They will be doing a background check and maybe a credit check. Can my overabundance of debt prevent me from getting a job??? I hope not...

Contemplating commuting. We did a dry run yesterday on DART Light Rail from Plano to the Dallas downtown stop that I would be taking. It look 45 minutes. Add another 20 minutes to walk from the train stop to the office. That's over 1 hour each way. I will have to get up EARLY! And we all know how bright and cheerful I am in the morning. Add to that having 1 working vehicle... so Chuck will have to get up EARLY too and drive me to the train station. FUN!!!

Somehow, it doesn't seem so bad. Unemployment vs. Inconvenience... I'll take the later. I will learn to get up earlier, go to bed earlier and enjoy having myself chauffeured by DART down to my office. I'll load up my iPod with tunes and bring along a book or magazine to read. Talk about having two hours to relax! It will be so much fun.... oh well, maybe not fun, but I'll try to enjoy those 2 hours. And remember I really did have a cushy job... I guess Diane was RIGHT!

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Babs Schmidt said...

I am pretty sure the trains run more often during the week than they do on the weekends so that should cut some time.

Think about the extra exercise too! You'll be losing more weight in no time!