Sunday, February 8, 2009

Job Searching and Networking via Internet tools!

It's not easy work... Doing a job search takes time, energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, follow through, follow-ups, note taking, research, communication skills, analysis, reading-reading-reading, connection making, networking and more. Luckily I've cultivated a very large network of friends, family, Toastmasters, co-workers, former bosses, college friends, high school friends etc. I think I can put together a network of 200+ people to help me with my quest for a new job and/or career.

THANK YOU internet!!! Thanks e-mail!!! Thanks to Linked In, Facebook, blogging, web pages that are free from my ISP and more. INTERNET I would like to kiss you today. Also a big round of applause for Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. Tools like Yahoo e-mail, calendar, contacts, Google, gmail! They are all terrific. Oh I forgot twitter, bloggers and assorted online only friends!!! Woo Hoo!!

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