Monday, February 9, 2009

Dogs Rule ... at least tonight and tomorrow night

The Westminster Dog Show is hot! So far the Hound group and Terrier group... now the Non-sporting dogs. More later.

The SCOTTY won the terrier group. The SCOTTISH DEER HOUND won the Hound group. The PULLI won... and can't remember the 4th.... will post the results later gater.

2/10 tuesday night

Well the dog that I didn't expect won best in show. The Brittany Spaniel age 10!!! I was so rooting for the Scotty. I LOVE TERRIERS. But I'll take an Irish Wolfhound rescue dog or a puppy terrier like cairn, westie, wired hair fox terrier, aussie terrier, basically any of them except another Jack Russell. I did my time with a wild dog... the young ones are SO high energy that they run circles around you. Even if you're 29 like I was... he was exhausting and so strong and strong willed... and puppy humped everything in sight until I had him neutered. He never forgave me.... but I'm a responsible pet owner that spent probably 5K in medical care on my Blarney JRT and another 1000 on Natchez our 12 yr old German Shepherd adoptee that lived to be 15. NEXT time, I'm buying pet health insurance. DOGS cost lots to keep, feed and keep healthy.

I want a scruffy mutt terrier, a westie, a cairn, a scotty, a wired hair fox terrier or a huge Irish Wolf Hound (couch potato dog). Chuck wants one of everything.... NOT. We will have to settle on one to adopt AFTER I get a new job. That's our goal and we're sticking to it. .... Unless there is a Irish WH to rescue at the North Texas Irish Festival. THEN all bets are off. I hope to have a new job SOON so that I can afford to adopt a puppy and a young dog too. LOVE 'EM. Watch out BeeGee (the cat) here come the DOGS.

Who let the dogs out..... uff uff, who let the dogs out.... uff, uff
(my fav rap song)

Ciao internet and good night!

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