Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking

I've completed over three years in Toastmasters. I now belong to two clubs. One is my 1st club at TI that meets on Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30 each week... Word Wranglers Toastmasters. I joined a 2nd club in 2008 to complete my first 10 speeches quicker HAH, DFW Tech Talk Toastmasters.

I'm jumping OFF the pier with out a life jacket this month! I'm doing Speech 6 (Vocal Variety) on Thursday. Next week I'll compete in our DFW Tech Talk contest in Table Topics. The following week or so, I'll compete in the Word Wranglers contest for International Speech. What if I win? Another speech at the area contests. SCARY.

My topic is "The Church of BBQ". I'm doing it this week to practice for the contest as my speech number 6. It's all about my father, BBQ, religion, nature and me. It's my eulogy for my father written several years before he died in 1999, five years after a major stroke that took his limbs and brain but not his soul. May he REST IN PEACE! I love you DADDY!


Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Hi Jodie - I found you over on the Chickens in the Road and thought I would check your blog out!

I'm just going to comment on this post of everything I read on this entire page....

I'm so sorry you were in the throws of the current "turk" era. I was in the auto industry for 14 years and met with the turk the end of September 08. Your husbands article sums it up quite well what has happened to the corporate world of this country. It doesn't make a person feel better, but I understand it better. Isn't it hard to pull that resume out of the back of your mind??? I had not written a resume since January 1995... you have some great ideas for networking... I wish I was in a bigger area (rural west michigan), but I believe a move may have to be in the future.

Wow - I just rambled and rambled, but I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog and insights -- I am directing another associate to your site


Babs Schmidt said...

Good luck with your speeches and job search!