Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4 Things Not to Do at Work

According to my supervisor this is her list:
1. Don't talk about religion
2. Don't talk about politics
3. Don't talk about some one's children
4. Don't wear anything someone might object to or against policy

I think I usually break 1, 2 and 3 on occasion.
I love to listen to my former conservative boss Rick talk about his views on religion. He's really a minister in corporate jeans. ;-)
I do bait a real right winger on occasion at the office with my liberal views AND I do by-God put on my liberal bumper stickers even if I can't wear the t-shirt(s) to the office.
And I see nothing wrong with discussing children even though I don't have much experience to draw upon... that's the listeners issue not mine.
Our "Diversity" program at work has embraced religion... We have a Muslim initiative, a Christian Values initiative and probably some others. No Jewish one, no Unitarian Universalist one... I do feel left out, but the number of UUs is small. If I was Jewish, I would start one. It's nice to have a group like the Indian's, African American's, Vietnamese, Chinese and other ethnicity/heritage based diversity groups.
I belong to the Women's Initiative and the Hispanic Employees Initiative Forum (HEIF). I'm hispanic by virtue of having a father born in Mexico and growing up in San Antonio... IMHO. My grandmother was Mexican regardless of her ethnicity.
Why can't we have an initiative for liberals? We're an under served minority in my conservative fortune 500 corporation. Would they agree? I think I'll ask... after the election.

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