Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seven Short Years!

Tomorrow will mark seven short years of marriage. C & I married 4 days after 9/11. It was an anticlimax to the national disaster. But for us, it was the start of seven years together. I won't say great because we've weathered some big crisis together, but we have weathered them TOGETHER. There's a song that comes to mind but I can't sing... even by keyboard. I'm always off KEY. Why am I so happy? Because love does really grow stronger, at least in our case, as our years together increase. I love him more now than I did on 9/15/2001.
Now, granted, he's no Cary Grant. He doesn't sweep me off my feet but has the capacity to make me LAUGH so hard that I cry. He's a great one to keep around for many more years. I once told him that he better be sure that he wanted to marry me because I didn't intend to get divorced again... I would rather just shoot him if he wanted a divorce. So far it has worked... He's still here and so am I.
Today we shared a pre-anniversary lunch at a big name chain Chinese restaurant. It wasn't a great meal except that we were there together. I think this is what it means to be in love and have a best friend that loves you back.
Happy Anniversary honey!

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