Friday, September 12, 2008

Number 5, Blogging

I'm guessing that blogging during lunch would be a no-no here. But heck I'm already breaking her rules so I might as well blog too. Nothing about "here" of course. I work in Dilbert land... a cube farm the size of a big ranch, it seems on some days. Acres and acres of cubes broken up by high wall offices for managers and project managers and some analysts. Not me, I've been cubical my entire work life "here". It's been almost 20 years. Hard to imagine! I've had a variety of work assignments all in IT (Information Technology). IT is the moderately new buzz word title for Information Systems, Computer Department or whatever you call us. "Here" is an office dedicated to IT in the "big here" of the corporation. It is ironic that I'm afraid to mention names of people or companies. But I would rather not be "dooced". If you don't know what "dooce" is go use Google and find out.

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