Monday, September 8, 2008

Is it FALL yet? Not in Texas

I should take a picture of the green / brown outdoors here and show it to the interweb. When you still have to put up the windshield reflector because the sun is shining (very warmly) then it's not FALL. Even though all the stores, even in Texas automatically change clothing seasons. I can get some great Texas winter clothes now from Lands End, because it is FALL in Wisconsin. We never need real WINTER clothes here, only if we travel or it comes a blue norther. My husband isn't "up" with this practice of buying winter (fall) clothes in September because he's a GUY. Guys don't understand that in January when it's cold here, they won't have any winter clothes left as Spring clothes will be coming into the stores. Fashion... I'm not a fashion person, but I've got to have some clothes to wear that aren't too old. Otherwise, the elastic ages and falls apart.... (a long story about my swimming suit). :-)

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