Friday, September 5, 2008

Totally Awesome Humor

Tonight I had the privilege of listening to three humorous speeches and three funny tall tales at an "area" Toastmasters speech contest. The speakers rocked.
My favorite tall tale was "How the Rio Grande Was Formed". It had something to do with a flatulant cockroach that grew to seven stories tall eating bean burritos with jalapenos, fajitas with jalapenos and enchiladas with you guessed it... jalapenos. That was one awesome FART. It carved the Rio Grande and the kid who owned the cockroach filled it with his tears. This one came in 2nd place in Tall Tales.
I don't think I can write down the 1st place Humorous speech by the same lady, Irene, because it's too reliant on accents, gestures and facial expressions. You will just have to go to the "division" contest and hear her. She was awesome!!!

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