Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lovely Afternoon

I just spent a lovely afternoon at a Garden Party. It was in a backyard garden, but not just any garden, it was the most excellent garden that I currently know of in Plano. My friend Jo has transformed her backyard into the most wonderful place. It's got a pond, a fountain, numerous trees, lovely blooming plants, roses, shrubs and everything. We had a nice gathering of 20 or so ladies that are all quite super to be around. I think I even enjoyed myself. It's been a bit hard to relax lately. Anxiety has struck and it doesn't seem to matter that I have little to be anxious about. It's just with me. Not exactly depression, although I have been sleeping alot. Last night I think I had 12 hours of sleep if you can believe it. That seems like way too much sleep for a normal person. Another thing to be anxious about.

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